United Way of Scotland County History

The Beginning...

In 1953, a group of concerned citizens organized the first United Way in Scotland County, known then as the United Way of Caring.  

The Initial Mission...

It was their belief that the United Way of Caring would allow all walks of life to effectively meet critical needs and solve community problems.  Through financial support and volunteer activity, they assisted non-profit organizations to help them achieve their goals and objectives. 

These concerned citizens formed the first United Way Board of Directors and Officers:

L.T. Gibson
John F. McNair, III
John McLaurin
W. Hervey Evans                       
James L. Morgan
Miss Kate McIntyre                     
Bill Farmer
Wade S. Dunbar, Sr.

Edwin Pate Jr.
Mason McGregor
James L. McNair, Jr.                   
O.L. Moore
J.B. Hood
R.F. McCoy
L.B. Mills