Campaign Toolkit

Our United Way is Local - The United Way addresses the needs of the people who live and work in Scotland County. Your money stays local, so when you contribute, you are helping your friends and neighbors! 

Our United Way is Effective - Every program and agency supported provides a vital service to the community. With your support, we fund raise year-round to lighten the load of our community agencies. This way they can spend their time providing important, valuable services to those in need.

Our United Way is Committed - Your contributions help to build a brighter future for our children, enrich the lives of our elderly, give hope to those who are hurting, strengthen families, and so much more! By supporting the United Way, you are making a commitment to care about the lives of your family members, friends, and neighbors.

Your donation works here in our community, touching two out of three people in Scotland County each year. That makes United Way the best way to help the most people.
When you donate to United Way, the amount of dollars that you contribute will be allocated among the agencies unless you specify which agency you would like your donation to be sent.
To allocate to a specific agency or an agency in a particular county, just indicate on your pledge card which agency and county you would like your donation sent. ($25 minimum donation required)



Pledge Cards:                                                                                                                       

Individual Giving Pledge Card
Payroll Deduction Pledge Card
Scotland County Schools Pledge Card


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